See for yourself - The Clear Advantages of Northstar Broadband Radar™

The below screens are actual Navigation Screen Images:

Harbor / Marina

Boats and docks separated due to superior target definition

Superior short-range target discrimination clearly shows docks, boats and moored vessels.

Inferior separation of boats, docks and other features, further obscured by “main bang” (where it matters most) closest to the vessel


Approximate position of boat

Broadband Radar™ clearly defines this narrow 35-meter channel, shows a small vessel moored near shore and a small footbridge.

4 kW HD pulse radar can not discriminate moored vessel from shoreline, “main bang” obscures width of channel.

Pile Moorings


Broadband Radar™ clearly shows staggered mooring poles, differentiating moored vessel.

Poles and vessel unclear on pulse radar display.