A Truly Different Technology

Traditional "pulse" radars use high-powered magnetrons to generate microwave signals with very short pulses of applied voltage. Northstar has developed the first solid-state X-band radar technology, which utilizes FMCW techniques.

Northstar Broadband Radar™ sends a continuous transmission wave with linear increasing frequency (hence the term Broadband). The wave retains its frequency as it travels out and reflects back from any objects. Meanwhile, the transmitter continues to output an increasing frequency. The difference between the currently transmitted and received frequencies, coupled with the known rate of frequency increase, is the basis for precisely calculating a "time of flight" and target distance. Since FMCW constantly builds up radar return energy (vs. a single pulse), this system provides target detection superior to pulse radars while transmitting at far lower energy levels.

  • The exclusive technology and performance characteristics of Broadband Radar™ make it an ideal match for almost any vessel.
  • Unparalleled short-range resolution and discrimination; an ideal compliment to large radar systems on yachts.
  • User-friendly operation makes it an ideal primary radar for small to medium-sized vessels.
  • Small size, minimal power requirements, safer transmission energy levels; the advantages of sophisticated radar for all boats

YouTube Broadband Radar™ Video: